Majestic Motion Picture Company’s Iconic 1911 Poster

About Us

Imagination, Integrity, Innovation, Inclusion.

A collective of passionate filmmakers and seasoned producers joined forces in a landmark move and secured the rights to Majestic Motion Picture Company’s entire repertoire, inviting a profound opportunity to revisit and breathe new life into the classics of early cinema.

Our Mission

At Majestic Motion Picture Company, our mission is to leverage the transformative power of AI to propel Hollywood into a new era of cinematic excellence. By intertwining our rich heritage with the potential of advanced artificial intelligence, we aspire to create a symbiosis of past, present, and future. Our aim is to utilize AI not merely as a tool, but as an integral part of the creative process, enabling us to narrate compelling stories that inspire, captivate, and provoke thought. From entertainment to advertising, we strive to redefine the boundaries of what's possible, using AI to reimagine the classics, drive innovation in indie productions, and shape the future of cinema. With a firm footing in our storied past and an unwavering gaze towards the horizon of technological advancements, we are committed to leading the charge in the AI-driven revolution of the film industry.

Our Executives

Harry E. Aitken
Harry E. Aitken
Honorary Founder

Harry E. Aitken, the founder of Majestic Motion Picture Company in 1911, was a trailblazer in the early days of American silent film. Aitken, along with his brother Roy, made significant contributions to film production and distribution, including the establishment of the Western Film Exchange and the Mutual distribution company. He also worked alongside industry legends D. W. Griffith and Charlie Chaplin, and co-founded the Epoch Producing Company which produced the groundbreaking film, "The Birth of a Nation." Aitken's passion for cinema and his innovative approach continue to shape Majestic Motion Picture Company's values today.

Jose Perez
Jose Perez
President & Producer

Jose is the intersection of entertainment and technology. With a history in acting, filmmaking, producing, and writing, Joey transitioned into the digital world, becoming a frontrunner in the application of generative AI models in creative domains. He's held key roles in various industries where he led successful digital marketing strategies. A lifelong learner, Joey has honed his skills through certifications in Google Digital Marketing & E-commerce and Film and TV Industry from NYU. Always ahead of the curve, Joey Perez is an advocate for the ethical application of AI and is keen to shape the future of the entertainment industry.

Nathalie Araya
Nathalie Araya
Vice President - Producer

Nathalie Medina Araya, a dynamic force in the entertainment industry, began her artistic journey studying music at Costa Rica's Emai Integrated Arts School and the National Conservatory of Peru. Her broad range of talents extends to theater, having trained with prominent mentors like Roberto Ángeles and Carlos Mesta. Before joining Majestic Motion Picture, she worked on various television productions, skillfully balancing roles as production coordinator and creative producer. Committed to lifelong learning, Nathalie has also completed production courses in Spain and earned a Film and TV Business Production certification from NYU.

Our Team

Veronica Blanco
Director of Cinematography

With roots in independent documentaries, Veronica brings a raw and real aesthetic to every frame she captures.

Oswaldo Gutierrez
Production Manager

Having started in local theater production, Oswaldo infuses each project with a hands-on and detailed-oriented approach.

Alex Keith
Sound Production Supervisor

Adept at creating impactful auditory experiences, Alex has worked across various media, from indie films to regional TV commercials.

Anita Desai

With a flair for emotive storytelling, Anita crafts scripts that resonate, having written for numerous short films and indie projects.

Mahmoud Al-Amin
Set Designer

A versatile artist, Mahmoud began by designing sets for community theater productions, bringing a slice of the world onto the small stage.

Evelyn Martinez
Casting Director

Evelyn has a knack for spotting untapped talent in unconventional places, contributing to diverse and unique casting in indie films.

Toshio Sato
Post-Production Supervisor

Toshio honed his skills on independent film sets, ensuring that every shot, every transition, hits its mark in the edit room.

Chloe Kim
Visual Effects Specialist

Chloe’s career started in digital artistry for local TV ads, creating visual effects that are stunning yet cost-effective.

David Njoroge
Costume Designer

David began his journey in period theater productions, creating authentic costumes that encapsulate the essence of the era.

Rosa Mendes
Executive Producer

Rosa has her roots in TV commercials, managing budgets and timelines to ensure creative visions are realized without compromise.

Sergio Pires
Music Director

Starting in indie music production, Sergio crafts the auditory landscape of films with an emotive and evocative touch.

Samuel Obi
Assistant Director

Samuel started in community theater, fostering a nurturing and harmonious atmosphere on set, ensuring smooth operations.

Aaliyah Hasan
Script Supervisor

A writer at heart, Aaliyah ensures narrative continuity in scripts, having worked on various indie projects.

Mei Li
Makeup Artist

From working in local theater to independent films, Mei uses her makeup skills to breathe life into characters.

Lila Banerjee
Production Coordinator

Lila cut her teeth coordinating for TV commercials, managing the many moving parts of a production with a keen eye.

Our Vision

Majestic Motion Pictures is poised to breathe new life into the world of cinema by intertwining the essence of classical filmmaking with the innovations of the modern era.